how exactly does one signal “I’m being held at gunpoint”?

by twit

I’m reading about the latest contender for “Child Left Behind of the Year”

From the Associated Press: CLEVELAND — A carjacking suspect stopped during the crime to ask a television news crew for directions, police said.

… WOIO-TV newswoman Shannon O’Brien and photographer Eric Walls were doing a sidewalk report Monday on bank problems when the passenger in a car asked for directions to a bank. The driver signaled that he was being held at gunpoint, O’Brien told police.

The news crew called police and followed the car until officers caught up. Police Lt. Thomas Stacho said the suspect was carrying a loaded handgun.

and I’m curious about how someone silently signals that they are being held at gunpoint, because it seems like a useful thing to know…

by lestro

I can think of a few ways…

“Raise your hand if you’re being held a gunpoint”

or you can try passing a note…

but sometimes it’s just a look in the eye…

2 Responses to how exactly does one signal “I’m being held at gunpoint”?

  1. vannade says:

    I’d ask something and then silently mouth “help me!”
    That’d probably be better than mouthing “I’m being held at gunpoint”, which would likely just make the other person go “I’m sorry, what?”…

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