cracka, please

by lestro

You ever get the feeling Senator Obama is getting a bit tired of listening to white people prattle on?

(image via yahoo)

I know I am

(click this image for a Daily Show clip from April 24, 2008)


8 Responses to cracka, please

  1. you’re not the only one…

    “The irony is that Clinton has succeeded in doing what Obama could not. By tirelessly flogging these invented scandals, the Clinton campaign has given concrete substance to what had formerly been airy and abstract pronouncements from Obama about the need to get past “the old politics.” Watching the last few weeks of the campaign unfold, one couldn’t help but think: Yes, this is broken. This does need to change.”

  2. aniche says:

    Hillary’s such a bitch.

  3. funny you should say so, aniche…

    but around here, we prefer the term “devil bitch”

    i’m just saying

  4. yeah, dealing with the devil can have that effect…

  5. Ive had it with this election and I guess I must not like true politics because of all the mud slinging which it really is. I am ready for it to boil down and for us to figure out who our puppet I mean president is.

  6. k@th says:

    i couldn’t agree more with political quiz. can’t wait for next year when everyone’s back talking about who’s on american idol. not me, mind you, but everybody else.

  7. I agree that it is grating to have to continue to watch Hillary Clinton parade around without the clothes of a chance in hell of getting the nomination.

    But I suppose the whole point is that it isn’t “true politics” at all. We’re witnessing a spectacle that is a democratic process run amok, well above and beyond the usual ugliness that people tend to associate with politics in general.

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