postcards from the internets

by twit

from Russia:

When I travel by, I often visit these churches. I walk through the wormwood towards the door – they are unlocked, no one inside. No priests, no smell of incense, no burning candles, only a couple of cheap icons, towels, a slightly radioactive Bible and images of Saints on the walls.

I make sure the Bible is left open on the page where the age of wormwood is foretold. Then I stay for a while in contemplation.

Looking at radioactive image of Jesus I ask myself, ‘How long will these churches be here? Can they live without people?’

I leave this question to be answered by someone who travels here in the future and myself going back on the road to continue my journey.

Pluto’s Realm Chernobyl photoreportage 2008

from Iran:

“It is the story of Marjane, a little girl growing up in pre-revolutionary Iran in the 1970s.

Her hero is Bruce Lee…

She is the indulged and adored daughter of well-to-do secular leftists who campaign ceaselessly against the Shah, and find family members harassed and imprisoned.

When the revolution arrives, Marjane’s parents and their cigarette-smoking, alcohol-drinking, idea-discussing and life-enjoying friends at first welcome it. The fanatical theocrats make them nervous, but they are confident that all this is just a phase on the road to progressive enlightenment.”

from Afghanistan: “just say no to war”

from New York:” Well, it was bound to happen: The Eliot Spitzer call girl scandal has been turned into a porn film and the title is perfect: Gov Lov: The Eliot Splitz-Her Story. ”

“This movie parody is an example of one of the reasons I went to the Supreme Court in 1988 — to make parody protected speech,” Hustler publisher Larry Flynt said via a press release we received last night.”

thx Jezebel


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