Bubba explains why Obama is the better candidate

by lestro

In defending his wife’s lies about her experiences in Bosnia, Bill Clinton this week not only perpetuated new lies and added a few more half-truths and all-out falsehoods, but also, amazingly, gave the A-No. 1 reason for not electing his wife.

But first, the lies:

“But there was a lot of fulminating because Hillary, one time late at night when she was exhausted, misstated and immediately apologized for it, what happened to her in Bosnia in 1995.”

First, it is not a “misstatement,” because the Bosnia lie came from prepared remarks.

Second, the “late at night” characterization of the Bosnia lie is incorrect, because the most famous version of the Bosnia lie was told by Hillary in the morning.

However, it is possible that the Bosnia lie was repeated at some point late at night, because it was the third or fourth time she’d told it.

Bill, you’re not helping. And even worse, you are hurting your own legacy by doing everything the opposition ever said about you and your wife, like saying anything to get elected.

But what is even more amazing is that Clinton’s explanation of why she “misspoke” late at night (even though she really “misread” in the morning during an event she scheduled) highlights the exact reason one should not vote for Hillary (or McCain):

“And you would of thought, you know, that she’d robbed a bank the way they all carried on about this. And some of them when they’re 60 they’ll forget something when they’re tired at 11 o’clock at night, too.

So stop electing OLD PEOPLE. Duh.

Even though it’s NOT TRUE, let’s pretend for a second that Bill had things right. Let’s pretend that Hillary really did misspeak because she was tired at 11 p.m. and from being 60 years old. Apparently long days tucker her out.

Is that really the person you want running the free world? It’s not quite as bad as using your time on the national stage to once again confuse Sunnis and Shias and who is on whose side when your whole campaign depends on you being the strongest on national security, the way Mac did last week when General Petraeus visited the senate, but it’s still not good.

I mean, the most effective argument the Clinton Campaign has put forth was her Rove-style “3 a.m. phone call” scare tactic commercial (which actually boosted McCain more than Hillary but was effective in chopping down Obama, the only strategy she has left). And if Hillary – even it was true – is that off her game at 11 p.m., how fucked up will that conversation at 3 a.m. be?

Combined with the recent news that the Clintons brought in $109 million since they left the White House (including some interesting connections between the folks hiring Bubba and contributing money to Hillary and their businesses), it really calls into question the idea that the Clintons are in touch with the electorate.

Doing the math, that averages to about $15.7 million per year. In a nation that on average makes considerably less than that and is considerably younger, is a a 60-year-old multi-millionaire really the best representative?

I mean, 16 years ago part of the argument for Bubba was that he was younger and more in touch. That is no longer the case.

It is time for a new generation of leadership. It is impossible to confront the problems of the present with leadership from the past.

We appreciate all the work the previous generations have done, but thanks, we’ve got it from here.

4 Responses to Bubba explains why Obama is the better candidate

  1. k@th says:

    just a few things–
    the clinton circus should have fired their cannon at this ringmaster by now. anyway, aside from all the “misspeaking,” hillary’s healthcare reform is enough mis-thought to have me running out of the big tent.

    i applaud getting some young blood in office–the old white guy theme is played out, but i wouldn’t hand it to any candidate based simply on birthdate as this isn’t north vietnam…
    the “bitterness” of small town voters?
    again– the healthcare issue.
    why do rich white people love socialized medicine so much? even rich might-as-well-be-white folks?

    all parties need to remember to put every candidate under the microscope and keep them there. stupidity knows no party loyalty.

  2. lestro says:

    what rich white folks are you talking to that love socialized medicine?

    if we could get the rich, white folks on board, we might actually get a health care system that covers everybody, much like the rest of the world – including iraq and afghanistan, both of which have universal health care, care of the united states taxpayer…

    none of the three remaining candidates have a health care plan that will actually solve the problem. do not believe any of them. neither hillary’s plan nor obama’s plan is actually “universal” health care.
    the only way to do that is a single-payer system, which may raise taxes a bit, but would be offset by the complete disappearance of health care costs. that’s more money in your paycheck (and less money coming out of corporate accounts which would no longer have to chip in those health care costs…) and less worries about whether you can afford to go to the doctor, making preventative maintenance more likely and possibly even preventing a HUGE bill down the road.
    it makes sense economically (unless you work for an HMO) and humanistically.

    as for bitterness, i implore you to visit a few rust belt cities where they vote against their economic interests almost every time and tell me those people are not bitter toward washington and/or voting on cultural issues…

  3. k@th says:

    edit–swap ‘khmer rouge’ for NVA ref. above
    and it’s ironic that clinton’s generation contributed jerry rubin and his “never trust anyone over 30.” where are all the hippies now? yeah…”who’s da man” now?

  4. k@th says:

    i find it intriguing that, despite the stereotype party demographics, time and again the following rings true–

    many of the poorest in the world smile and nod and say they want those big, flashy cars and houses…they want the lifestyles of the rich.
    i.e.–the cubans who fled castro arrived in america supporting the republican party all the way. many in this group, as a group, were substantially less well off financially in florida than another cultural group who were largely democrat–the jews in south florida.

    but, specifically, the rich white population that really comes to mind, living where i live, are the ultra-liberals putting around with vegetable oil in their tanks, “doing without” yet still affording their organic foods (incl. raw milk, but hey, they save on not vaccinating the kids), yoga clothes, handmade toys for the kids, and guess what? come to find that most of these folks are all for socializing…everything…and many are sitting on trust funds. i know some people who you would think are eligible for food stamps, but who’s parents run multi-million dollar companies. i’m not saying they aren’t well-meaning, but it’s one hell of a lot easier to think that way when you have absolutely no concern about money not being available for you. money is completely taken for granted by this population, such that “playing” at poverty for them doesn’t matter (it’s very trendy to wear your thrift store clothing). having the shrinking and struggling middle class burdened with more taxes has NO meaning to them, because if they can “do without” why can’t everyone else.

    perhaps they are the fortunate who have arrived at the top of maslow’s pyramid (even fallen off the damn thing), but for those yet to “arrive,” perhaps they might like the option, which they’re not going to get if you throw out faulty programs that cost them dearly. understandably, the risk may mean little to people who don’t value money like the poor and hard-working do. “helping the downtrodden” trumps value of money every time for these folks, such that they stand for issues of the former, deaf and blind to whether it’s the best path to take for that goal.

    i can’t tell you how many canadians have told me they hate their medical care system. if they need surgery, they come to the states.

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