Gentlemen, start your whores

by lestro I don’t know if you heard, but the head of some auto racing group in Europe got busted last week having an orgy in a London dungeon with five prostitutes.

But in the Europe, apparently getting beaten by five whores is no big deal. However, there is one bit of this whole fiasco that even the Europeans can’t stomach:

“… beyond the licentiousness of the episode, it was the suggestion of Nazi undertones in the role-playing during the session in a basement in London’s fashionable Chelsea district that led to demands for Mr. Mosley’s resignation as president of the Paris-based Federation Internationale de l’Automobile.”

That’s right: Nazis. Now, why would this guy be into this sort of thing?

Family history has added to the notoriety: Mr. Mosley, 67, is the younger son of Britain’s 1930s fascist leader, Sir Oswald Mosley, and the society beauty Diana Mitford, whose secret wedding in Berlin in October 1936 was held at the home of the Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels and included Hitler as a guest of honor.

Oh. Well, then.

Still, that could be a hearsay, right? I mean, who trusts a whore anyway.

But wait, there’s video? What?

In a video the paper posted on the Internet but later removed, two of the women wore black-and-white striped robes in the style of prisoners’ uniforms. The video showed Mr. Mosley counting in German — “Eins! Zwei! Drei! Vier! Funf!” — as he used a leather strap to lash one of the women.

“She needs more of ze punishment!” he cried in German-accented English. One woman appeared to search his hair for lice while another called off items on an inspection list.

Dude! Wait, lice?

Nevermind that, how did they get that video?

The Sunday Times of London reported in this weekend’s editions that Mr. Mosley was the target of a set-up involving a van with a hidden videocamera parked outside the Chelsea basement flat where the sex session took place, and that a miniature camera was concealed in the one of the women’s brassieres.

Damn whores. If you can’t trust a woman you are paying to pick lice off your body and get beaten by a leather strap, who can you trust?

Here, by the way, is some of that video, via That’s Mosley bent over getting whacked in the ass…

According to an interview with one of the girls, Mosley paid extra for the Furher treatment:

“Max told Mistress Switch that he wanted a German dominatrix and she got one—Mistress Zena. She’s German and wore a German military uniform. Then Mistress Abi was booked and had to be in German uniform, too—a German Luftwaffe tunic. All the outfits come from army surplus stores.

“I was warned that most of the chat would be in German and I mightn’t understand it.

“And I was told to expect a very strong Nazi theme, including demeaning body inspections, brutality and that two submissive girls, called Leah and JD, must play the parts of camp inmates.

“They’d wear striped prison camp-style uniforms, be beaten and have sex with Max.

“Mistress Switch telephoned or met all the girls in person in advance to spell out their roles. Mistress Abi was told to shout orders during the inspection. Zena was told to bark orders in German when Max was beating Leah and JD.

“Mistress Switch said she herself would be wielding the cane on Max, flogging him with full force 15 times after strapping him to a bench. It was all carefully worked out beforehand.

Whoo! But I suppose the real question is, what does someone pay for something like this?

The tabloid newspaper that broke the story of Mr. Mosley’s Chelsea session, The News of the World, described it as “a depraved Nazi sadomasochistic orgy,” and said Mr. Mosley had paid the equivalent of $5,000 in cash for the five-hour session.

Five grand? That’s it? for five hours worth of nazi orgy with five whores in a dungeon?

Man, Eliot Spitzer really got ripped off!

But then again, maybe you get what you pay for. After all, at least Ms. Dupre didn’t head into the Mayflower with a mini cam in her bra…


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