“an evolutionary sense for both money and women”

by twit

how could there be an evolutionary sense for money?

on one hand, rapid evolution does happen, but the idea that currency (and capitalism) is some kind of biological part of the human condition just doesn’t sound possible.

at least, not yet

The Associated Press reports on April 5, 2008 about “a new but growing field called neuroeconomics that attempts to take the hard-wired science of brain biology and mix it with the softer sciences of psychology and economics to figure out why we make the financial decisions we do.”

the implications are full of hilarity:
https://i2.wp.com/wonkette.com/assets/resources/2008/04/fonda_hanoi.jpg The link between sex and greed goes back hundreds of thousands of years, to men’s evolutionary role as provider or resource gatherer to attract women, said Kevin McCabe, professor of economics, law and neuroscience at George Mason University, who wasn’t part of the study.

“Risk-taking is a natural way of increasing your relative success, but, of course, there’s a downside to it, what we’re seeing right now in the economy,” McCabe said.

The results of the study jibe with the real life on the trading floor, said Phil Flynn, a former Chicago commodities floor trader and current analyst at Alaron Trading Corp.

“I’m not shocked that it may be part of the deal,” Flynn said Friday. “When you talk about all the euphemisms for trading (on the floor), they can be used for sex as well.”

(“Massaging the market” and “hardcore” were about the cleanest that he and his colleagues could come up with.)

… This all makes sense to Harvard economist Terry Burnham, author of the book “Mean Genes.” Burnham said it could be all summed up in a famous line from the movie “Scarface.”

“In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.”

(image via mammaquatia)

UPDATE: This “the tits command you to recycle” ad now makes a lot more sense…

https://i2.wp.com/jezebel.com/assets/resources/2008/04/recycled_boobs040408.jpgClick here for video via AdGabber

thx Jezebel

UPDATE: Science Daily has more

thx Jezebel


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