even the rats are abandoning ship

by lestro

the Times spent some time exploring the strange bedfellows relationship between Hillary Clinton and Rupert Murdoch:

rat_skull.jpgTwo years ago, there were signs of a thaw, with Mr. Murdoch, who owns The New York Post, not only endorsing Mrs. Clinton’s bid for a second Senate term in his paper, but also organizing a fund-raiser for her.

Recently, though, the relationship appears to have taken a turn for the worse. Mrs. Clinton has been skewered in The Post throughout her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, and recently taken to task over her claim that she had encountered sniper fire in a visit to Bosnia as first lady (though she later said she had “misspoken”). The newspaper even ran an article, datelined Sarajevo, to debunk what one of its headlines labeled a “ ‘low blow’ lie.”

Now another sign has emerged offering possible clues to Mrs. Clinton’s Murdoch status: Mr. Murdoch’s daughter Elisabeth is holding a fund-raiser at her London home this month for Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.

it makes sense that Rupert would cozy up to Hillary, since her husband’s 1996 telecommunications act made him even richer.

so why would he jump ship?

Many longtime Murdoch observers have noted that he is above all a pragmatist, who has a history of supporting candidates who could potentially help his financial bottom line, regardless of party affiliation.

“He has a very well-informed sense of the influence of politics on his business interests,” said Reed Hundt, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission in the first Clinton administration, who during negotiations had an up-close view of how the media mogul seeks to influence government.

ahhh. so Rupert is switching horses to make sure he is backing the winner come November.

that’s a pretty telling sign, don’t you think?

(photo via art of the state blog – london, artist unknown)


One Response to even the rats are abandoning ship

  1. The Glenn Beck Review says:

    There’s another relationship between Murdoch and a political party that you may already know about. I have a post up on my home page this weekend about Murdoch that you may enjoy. When I found the information, it made my eyes open.

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