Hillary gets it wrong again

by lestro

So the big headline yesterday was “Clinton says Obama wants to stop votes” or something to that effect. According to the AP, Sen. Clinton in a series of interviews today told primary voters that Sen. Obama doesn’t want their votes to count:

“My take on it is a lot of Senator Obama‘s supporters want to end this race because they don’t want people to keep voting,” she told CBS affiliate KTVQ in Billings, Mont. “That’s just the opposite of what I believe. We want people to vote. I want the people of Montana to vote, don’t you?”

Montana holds its primary June 3. The New York senator made similar comments in interviews with stations in Indiana and North Carolina, which hold primaries May 6.

Funny thing is, just two days before, he said almost exactly the opposite and it was all over the damn place:

“My attitude is that Senator Clinton can run as long as she wants,” Mr. Obama, of Illinois, said at a news conference in a high school gymnasium here. “Her name is on the ballot. She is a fierce and formidable opponent, and she obviously believes she would make the best nominee and the best president.”

While it is true many of his supporters have recently reminded Hillary that math is certainly not in her favor and have recently urged her to stop her attacks on the likely Democratic candidate and give up her Quixotic Candidacy for the good of the party, Sen. Obama has not been one of them. Others have also urged the superdelegates to get real (despite threats from the Clinton mafia) and coalesce behind Obama since he will almost undoubtedly finish the primaries with more elected delegates.

Clinton, on the other hand, is getting her advice elsewhere.

Officially, however the campaign has not said such a thing and publicly supported Clinton’s right to continue running. Why should they? They have three times the money, all the momentum and he’s ahead by a comfortable enough margin that he was able to vacation in the Virgin Islands last week.

The AP story also offers this:

“I don’t even keep track of it, I can’t even tell you that figure,” Clinton said when asked by Pittsburgh CBS affiliate KDKA how many superdelegates had endorsed her in recent weeks.

Which is total bullshit, as the next sentence points out:

As she spoke, her husband, former President Clinton, was in Oregon, lobbying uncommitted superdelegates.

But, just to recap, Clinton is not doing well in that race, even losing a longtime friend who owes his entire political career to the Clintons. In thast respect, James Carville’s metaphor was apt, Richardson’s endorsement of Obama really is a Judas-like move if you’re a Clinton disciple.

But really, i suppose some Democrats could say the same thing about a candidate who continues to not only campaign but attack – sometimes viciously – the party’s best hope in nearly a decade to reclaim the White House. (***UPDATE BELOW!***)

The most disturbing thing about Clinton’s latest statements is it just continues a pattern of hers or ignoring the facts and recreating the world as she wants to see it.

From her outright lies about snipers in Bosnia – the fallout from which helped blunt the backlash from the Jeremiah Wright controversy and was a massive hit of her own making as she is the one who brought it up – to her constant overstatement of her experience and other ways of playing fast and loose with the facts makes me think she’ll be getting fitted for her own flight suit soon enough.

Back in 1992, Hillary Clinton said (on 60 minutes, apparently), “The American people are tired of liars and people who pretend to be something they’re not.”

I couldn’t agree more.


Gov. Bill Richardson responded to James Carville’s “Judas” comments in a column published in today’s Washington Post and says almost exactly the same thing:

Carville and others say that I owe President Clinton’s wife my endorsement because he gave me two jobs. Would someone who worked for Carville then owe his wife, Mary Matalin, similar loyalty in her professional pursuits? Do the people now attacking me recall that I ran for president, albeit unsuccessfully, against Sen. Clinton? Was that also an act of disloyalty?

I do not believe that the truth will keep Carville and others from attacking me. I can only say that we need to move on from the politics of personal insult and attacks. That era, personified by Carville and his ilk, has passed and I believe we must end the rancor and partisanship that has mired Washington in gridlock. In my view, Sen. Obama represents our best hope of replacing division with unity. That is why, out of loyalty to my country, I endorse him for president.

2 Responses to Hillary gets it wrong again

  1. Kay says:

    I support Obama and I want the Democratic race to be over as soon as possible because it’s gut-wrenching to constantly read the filth- and I’m not exaggeration. Over at ABC yesterday a Clinton blogger called a white Obama supporter a nigger lover and he knew people would like to see her nappy-headed kids’ throats slit. I mean- come on- how much of this filth do we swallow before things degenerate into a racial devide, and why is it being allowed to be read? Let alone a Democratic party devide- which has already happened to a huge extent. If Clinton gets the Dem. nomination, I’m switching to Nader or Gravel – just to make a statement- and will do my best to see she’s not president- and 127 of my friends will do the same.

    I’m a middle-aged white female who saw NO CHANGE when the Clintons were in office. She did nothing to improve my life.

    Media Protects Hillary’s Role in Bill Clinton’s Civil Fraud Case … http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1980786/posts

    Clinton’s former pastor sentenced to prison for sexually assaulting a 7 year-old girl: Clinton’s former pastor

  2. well, you won’t like this, then:

    (update: the video can now be seen here, actually: http://jezebel.com/386639/ )

    via Wonkette:

    “This clip highlights a moment on the trail during the 1992 election, where a hilariously ’90s-outfitted James Carville and George Stephanopoulos are checking out the latest polling figures.

    In steps Mickey Kantor, the chairman of Bill’s campaign, to express his views on the good blue-collars of Indiana. They are not only the pride and soul of America, but they are also “shit” and “white niggers.””


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