Alas! Poor Justice, I knew her well

by lestro

The politicization of the Department of Justice has really been the ugliest thing this administration has done. And these fuckers have been up to no good since Day One.

But the literal corruption of Justice really is the most despicable.

Maybe it is because the president and his cronies have been treating the Justice Department like their own lawyers and legal loophole finders and torture apologists for years, but it’s fairly obvious something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Which is why we can’t even let this little “restructuring” effort go without it being fully checked out.

Asked about the recent dismantling of a high-profile unit in the U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles that specialized in public corruption cases, an office spokesman provided what some saw as a curious justification:

Eliminating the public integrity and environmental crimes section, spokesman Thom Mrozek said, would actually enhance the effort to prosecute such cases.

The Bush Administration going after people that look at public corruption and environmental crimes? Check.

Bizarre doublespeak explanation? Check.

Red Flag.

But even though that story is from March 20 and somehow fell beneath the radar, luckily Sen. Diane Feinstein saw it and has some questions:

“While I respect the need for U.S. attorneys to make necessary management decisions, I have serious concerns about the potential impact of this change,” Feinstein wrote. “I am concerned that the Los Angeles office is sending a message that these cases will not receive sufficient attention, resources and leadership.”

Feinstein called on Mukasey to provide the Justice Department’s rationale for the move, “including the specific facts, statistics and circumstances that drove this decision.”

She also asked who was consulted and what role, if any, the Justice Department and/or the White House played in the decision.

Finally, the senator asked whether the lawyers in the disbanded unit had any input in the decision-making process and how pending public corruption cases will be handled in the wake of the disbanding.

And if you’re wondering what sort of thing this office does:

Feinstein’s interest in the situation springs from her earlier concerns in the U.S. attorney’s firing scandal of 2007, in which at least eight U.S. attorneys allegedly were fired for political reasons, said Scott Gerber, a spokesman for the senator.

Before its disbanding, lawyers in the section prosecuted politicians in South Gate and Lynwood, as well as a group of rogue police officers and others who were conducting home invasion-style robberies staged to look like legitimate police raids.

The New York times also weighs in today with an editorial, adding this to the discussion:

There were a number of sensitive inquiries under way at the high-profile office, including an investigation of Representative Jerry Lewis, the powerful California Republican who directed hundreds of millions of dollars in earmarks to favored government contractors while chairman of the appropriations committee.

Representative Lewis denied any wrongdoing as investigators tracked ties between windfall government contracts and lucrative campaign donations. One former staff specialist on earmarks crossed over to become a potent lobbyist for contractors. The inquiry appears to have lagged during the administration’s strategic reshuffling of United States attorneys.

This just smells funny, in that Hamlet Act I, scene iv sort of way.

I know: Let’s waterboard Mukasey until he tells us exactly what the fuck is going on down there…

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