it’s a MAD world

by lestro

I bought the new MAD magazine this week. I had to. The cover of the April issue purports “this entire issue written & drawn by monkeys!”

I buy MAD about every other month as it is because it is actually a more grown-up and sophisticated satire magazine than you might remember it being (in between the sophomoric toilet humor, of course). And the annual “20 dumbest people, events and things” issue is a must-read (in 2007, No. 1 was Mike Vick. No. 2 was George Bush breaks all-time presidential vacation record).

But look at that cover. How could I not plunk down a fin for it?

and the entire issue runs with the monkey theme. as the opening letter from the editor, Mr. Jingles, explains, the quality has been declining since 1956 and the publisher figured monkeys could do it as well and cheaper.

from there on out the issue is all monkeys all the time, through to the fold in. very amusing.

for more than 55 years, MAD has been parodying every aspect of American life, from pop culture to politics and aside from Alfred E. Neuman (a character so beloved we elected the human version president for two terms), the most identifiable feature of the magazine has been the fold-in, the sketch within a sketch that has graced the back cover of just about every issue since 1964.

In Sunday’s New York Times, there is an excellent profile of MAD legend and fold-in artist Al Jaffee, who has drawn by hand every single fold-in since he developed the idea as a parody of Playboy’s fold outs.

but even better than the profile is the interactive fold-in viewer. the fold-ins are genius – especially some of the work Jaffee did during Vietnam – and the technology is cool as well. check it out:

One Response to it’s a MAD world

  1. Mark says:

    The post is about the suicide “fad” in Japan right now, and the 3-panel illustration “Sports Injuries Around the World” in MAD Magazine #490, June 2008.

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