india goes salem all over their asses

by lestro

so I don’t know if you heard, but apparently the other day over in India they found a woman they believe to be a, uh, well, a witch:

Tiwary said Devi claimed to be a faith healer and was treating a mentally ill woman in the village. When the woman attempted to commit suicide, Devi was attacked by angry villagers, Tiwary said.

Everyone knows the way to tell if someone is a witch is if they’ll burn, like wood. and wood floats. and what else floats? Bread! Apples! Very small rocks! Mud! Churches! And a duck, of course.

But it seems they do things a bit differently in India:

He said Devi was tied to a tree with rope and repeatedly beaten. Her hair was then cut off and she was paraded through the village, Tiwary said. A video of the attack was aired Friday by New Delhi Television.

You catch that last bit? CNN goes deeper on that:

Nishant Tiwari, a police official in northeastern India, said a journalist who filmed the beating called him Thursday to report the incident, which took place in the village of Dumaria in central eastern Bihar state.

He arrived to find the woman tied to a tree, her hair partially cut and her complexion ruddy from being slapped. She had no serious injuries…

Tiwari said he was disturbed by the fact that a journalist filmed the incident before contacting authorities.

Yeah, no shit. But it does raise an interesting question about the role of journalism as observer and documenter. Journalists are not a part of the story, their job is to report what is happening. We all have our roles.

Thankfully, she is ok. But the truth here seems to be not that she’s a witch, but that they attacked her because she wasn’t a witch:

Ayodhya said he paid her to use magic and prayer to improve his wife’s health.

They attacked her because her magic failed, not because she was a witch. Which raises more questions than it answers, really.

Also, Hillary Clinton reportedly sent a winged monkey to get her the woman’s shoes.

One Response to india goes salem all over their asses

  1. aniche says:

    we might hate witches down here in india but we love them leprechauns!!!

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