a romper room round-up

by twit

There are moments of history reported in the news about our government, particularly with regard to national security issues, that around here may get referred to on occasion as the “romper room.” For example…

Romper Room of the Day via Wonkette and Star-Tribune.com:

The Shitting Bandit apparently just wandered in through an unlocked door in, let’s repeat that, the Minnesota Homeland Security building. He was captured on film by surveillance cameras…


St. Paul police say it’s unlikely that a man who entered a Minnesota government office building Sunday and defecated in several rooms will be caught.

Because it’s the Romper Room, that’s why via The Washington Post, a report on what can happen when you are one of the 1 in 300 Americans or so on a government watchlist:

More American consumers have gotten caught up in a special brand of watchlist purgatory because their names are similar to ones on OFAC’s list of “specially designated nationals,” according to e-mails and other documents released under court order yesterday. By law, businesses are barred from conducting transactions with anyone on the list.

which means:

One man went into a Glen Burnie, Md., Toyota dealership to buy a car, only to be told that a name check revealed he was on a U.S. Treasury Department watchlist of suspected terrorists and drug dealers. He had to be “checked for tattoos,” he said, to make sure he wasn’t the suspect.

An 18-year-old found he could not open an account to accept credit card payments for his fledgling technology consulting business because his name was similar to that of a Libyan official on the watchlist.

A former U.S. Navy officer who served in the Persian Gulf and whose father was killed in the Korean War when he was a child, found himself locked out of his PayPal account because his name was similar to one on the watchlist.

hooray! it’s the romper room!

and it’s a grand ol’ romper room indeed

An embarrassed State Department admitted today that the passport files of all three presidential candidates — Sens. John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — have been breached by its employees.

The bombshell announcement came within hours of the admission that Obama’s personal file was improperly accessed several times earlier this year — and no one was notified of the breach.

State Department Secretary called Obama to apologize. She then had to call Clinton to apologize as well. And by noon, the department held a news conference to concede that McCain’s personal file had also been improperly accessed.

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