hooray for gamma rays

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‘hooray’ may be a bit of an overstatement

https://i2.wp.com/www.boingboing.net/200803211029.jpg “A gamma ray burst that occurred 7.5 billion years ago was visible on Earth by the naked eye this week. It was “2.5 million times brighter than the most powerful supernova ever seen.”

“a History Channel video about Gamma ray bursts [says] “Scientists at the University of Kansas believe gamma ray bursts were responsible for a great mass extinction on Earth 450 million years ago. The gamma rays strip away the ozone layer and generates a chemical smog, producing a widespread chill that grips the globe.”

hmm “If one of these gamma ray bursts should happen sufficiently close to the solar system, all life would perish.”

update: NASA has more information and a very grainy video:

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afternoon cartoons

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for a couple hours each day, the coolest thing on the planet:


c/o boing boing

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a romper room round-up

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There are moments of history reported in the news about our government, particularly with regard to national security issues, that around here may get referred to on occasion as the “romper room.” For example…

Romper Room of the Day via Wonkette and Star-Tribune.com:

The Shitting Bandit apparently just wandered in through an unlocked door in, let’s repeat that, the Minnesota Homeland Security building. He was captured on film by surveillance cameras…


St. Paul police say it’s unlikely that a man who entered a Minnesota government office building Sunday and defecated in several rooms will be caught.

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