Why I can’t vote for Hillary

by twit

It has come to this. The zen-like realization, thanks to several insightful comments, that a side effect of mercilessly blogging about Hillary Clinton is that it feels impossible to vote for her, if she somehow manages to secure the nomination of the Democratic Party.

Recently, there has been “NAFTAgate,” with the Clinton campaign alleging that the Obama campaign assured Canada that his anti-NAFTA rhetoric was not sincere. It became the issue in the Ohio primary and NAFTA is expected to strongly influence the upcoming Pennsylvania contest. However, now we learn that it was actually the Clinton campaign reassuring the Canadian government that she stands by her earlier support of NAFTA, and she’s simply putting on a show for the voters.

This isn’t the first time that the Clinton campaign has been caught saying something when it was politically expedient, then completely changing course when it suited the constituency of the moment. For example, there is what happened in Florida, with all candidates agreeing to not campaign in the state, due to the early primary scheduled in violation of Democratic Party rules. The agreement to not campaign in the state didn’t stop Hillary, though.

It isn’t just the impossibility of trying to figure out what Hillary Clinton stands for. The behavior of her campaign makes it increasingly clear that the only consistent position she will take is whatever she thinks you want to hear. There’s an implied insult to the intelligence of the American people, as if we can’t watch television or work the internet well enough to see that she is playing fast and loose with her message by tailoring it so closely to the daily needs of the campaign.

Hillary’s campaign has been divisive, focusing on various demographic groups, including attempts to play women against men with her ludicrous assertion that it is her gender that has cost her the presumption that she would be the Democratic nominee. Nothing says ‘elect me’ like ‘I can’t win,’ but that apparently means little to a campaign making an appeal to specific demographic groups.

I also see the conduct of her campaign as a distinct warning about how her administration, if ever elected, would behave, not to mention how painful it would be to experience the meltdowns and infighting during the campaign for the general election. Clinton campaign insiders repeatedly run to the press en masse as they wage their wars against themselves.

The Washington Post recently reported on the term “circular firing squad” used as a description of her campaign thus far, by a campaign insider, of course. That is not anything I want to see in the general election campaign, and it seems like a chilling preview of what her administration could become. As far as I am concerned, the conduct of her campaign has shown that she is an ineffective executive, unable to achieve even basic loyalty from her closest advisers. If she can’t lead her campaign team, I don’t see how she could effectively lead this country.

The major issue that prevents me from being able to vote for Hillary is the creepy de ja vu emanating from her continuing campaign. Reports abound that she has no realistic chance of winning more delegates than Obama, yet her campaign continues on, to the unabashed glee of the Republican party.

The only way she can win the nomination is if she manages to convince the superdelegates to override the choice of the majority of primary voters. I’d like to claim that my refusal to vote for Hillary under any circumstances is based on my objection to her apparent willingness to sink the Democratic Party in order to make a run for the presidency, but it is the chilling undercurrent of how she arrived at her decision to continue her campaign that seals the deal. I realize that when it comes to reality, McCain has even less of a grip, but at least there’s a chance the Democrats can keep a majority in Congress when McCain wins, which he is likely to do if Hillary runs as the Democratic nominee.

The de ja vu is the feeling that this is a lot like the run up to the Iraq War, with the lack of evidence, no real coalition, enthusiastic public sentiment going the other way, yet somehow it’s becoming real. The disconnect between the reality on the ground and the bold-faced refusal to acknowledge it, this is what ultimately makes it impossible for me to reward her with my vote.

3 Responses to Why I can’t vote for Hillary

  1. teaparty51 says:

    unfortunately, the voters of Ohio have rewarded Hillary for her conduct, pushing the fear card, tear down style and fighter spirit. I still have a hard time believing it, but when candidates who do this are rewarded with victories, you know your going to see more of it. She is so convincingly pathological in her ever changing message of the day, even if it contradicts what she said yesterday, she reminds me of my exwife, who I loved, but finally had to divorce because bad character and lies can’t be covered up with a smile and convincing presentation. Jesus said it best “Ye shall know them by their fruits” so don’t listen to Hillarys words, observe the fruits, that is watch what she does, when you focus on that……it’s not a pretty sight. I think she is as bad as Bush, maybe worse, since there are TWO CLINTONS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE AAAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

  2. Stanmoore says:

    Well, this was clearly a difficult choice for you, but not one that you’ll regret. I’ve voted conservative for 20 years, and voting for Obama in the primary was a somewhat difficult switch, but not one that I’ll regret. He has character, and Hillary does not. Character defined as ‘who you are when no one is looking’ – Hillary is someone who will say or do whatever it takes to get elected.

    It’s not about her gender; it’s not about her party; it’s about her character. She is not a nice person.

  3. Kris says:

    Thank you both for being rationale and agreeing with what I have said for some time and been criticized harshly for.

    What it all comes down to is this: a few weeks ago, I voted for Obama in the California Primary, but didn´t mind who was elected President as long as it wasn´t a GOP extension of Bush.

    I would have voted for Hillary in November, not thrilled, but willingly. For the same reasons I voted for Kerry in 2004.

    Now, if she gets the nomination, I will ABSTAIN. Her conduct is disgusting. Add to this the fact that 25% of her supporters state that they will vote for McCain if Obama succeeds at getting the nomination, and I get the heaves and the hives.

    Supporting Hillary Clinton apparently contages people with her disloyalty to the Democratic Party and her hateful way of “going down” while taking everything else with her.

    She reminds me of those people who commit suicide by turning on the gas and blowing up their entire building when they could have just taken 20 Valiums and called it a life.

    [deleted by post author]. OBAMA ´08

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