why is Bush tap-dancing?

by twit

From Think Progress, including an MSNBC video:

Today, President Bush is meeting with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for lunch at the White House, where he is expected to endorse his presidential bid.

… while waiting for McCain to arrive, Bush stood outside on the North Portico and entertained the press corps by tap dancing, doing a goofy walk, winking, and smiling.


theories abound after the jump…

just a hunch, from Think Progress:

Yesterday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said he does not “agree with [the] sentiment that there has been widespread corruption” in the Bush administration, suggesting he wouldn’t support independent investigations into the administration’s activities if elected.

but perhaps this has something to do with all the goofy dancing:

In the seesaw Democratic primary race, Republicans generally are rooting for confusion, which means rooting for Hillary Clinton — who now has some political momentum after last night’s victories in Ohio and Texas but little realistic chance of taking a lead in delegates.

It is the Republican dream: a tenacious, buoyant, well-funded challenger to Barack Obama who is also politically doomed — and incapable of admitting she is doomed.

(image from the Washington Post)

One Response to why is Bush tap-dancing?

  1. controlling chaos says:

    Didn’t you read the CCN report? Prez BUSH had 12 Beers and forgot to take his hyper pills. He dances now and then from his early childhood when he worked as a clown in the circus. I hope the next Prez will take his position a little more seriously.

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