a friendly reminder: Hillary can’t win

by twit

from Newsweek and the department of ‘math is tough,’ with emphasis added:

Hillary Clinton may be poised for a big night tonight, with wins in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island. Clinton aides say this will be the beginning of her comeback against Barack Obama. There’s only one problem with this analysis: they can’t count.


I’m no good at math either, but with the help of Slate’s Delegate Calculator I’ve scoped out the rest of the primaries, and even if you assume huge Hillary wins from here on out, the numbers don’t look good for Clinton. In order to show how deep a hole she’s in, I’ve given her the benefit of the doubt every week for the rest of the primaries.

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that’s not manhattan… that’s a space station

by lestro

Rem Koolhaas is truly a visonary

except for leaving a small exhaust port leading to the main reactor at the end of a trench in the middle of that round thingy. As long as the rebels don’t use small, one-man fighters to attack it, we should be okay.

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