morning cartoons

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this can’t be real… yet…

Jim Mielke’s wireless blood-fueled display is a true merging of technology and body art. At the recent Greener Gadgets Design Competition, the engineer demonstrated a subcutaneously implanted touch-screen that operates as a cell phone display, with the potential for 3G video calls that are visible just underneath the skin.

The basis of the 2×4-inch “Digital Tattoo Interface” is a Bluetooth device made of thin, flexible silicon and silicone. It´s inserted through a small incision as a tightly rolled tube, and then it unfurls beneath the skin to align between skin and muscle. Through the same incision, two small tubes on the device are attached to an artery and a vein to allow the blood to flow to a coin-sized blood fuel cell that converts glucose and oxygen to electricity. After blood flows in from the artery to the fuel cell, it flows out again through the vein.

this can’t be real… still…


That’s the number of 18-25 year olds who say that humans and other living things evolved over time; only 33% say all living creatures have existed in their present form since the beginning of time

seattle provides free housing to homeless people:

Darrell Arthur Williams hadn’t even been charged with the crime. After a Seattle bicycle cop on “proactive patrol” arrested the 40-year-old black transient for what amounted to interfering with a public urination investigation, Williams was booked into King County Jail for the night.

But the next morning, a city prosecutor who reviewed the officer’s report quickly declined to press charges, citing “interests of justice.” With that, Williams was supposed to be released from jail immediately.

That was Feb. 17, 2007. Instead, Williams remained incarcerated through May 23 — what amounted to a short prison term. He was essentially forgotten behind bars.

congratulations, you have depression:

A leading psychiatrist says that depression is not a human defect at all, but a defence mechanism that in its mild and moderate forms can force a healthy reassessment of personal circumstances.

but no worries, we’re doomed by 2036 anyway:

Apophis will make a close pass of Earth in 2029 and there is a small but real possibility it could hit in 2036.

The contestants were tasked with designing a mission which would launch, rendezvous and collect enough data in time for governments to decide in 2017 whether or not to mount a mission to deflect the asteroid off its current course.

“Apophis isn’t science fiction, it isn’t a blockbuster Hollywood movie; it is very real,” said Dan Geraci, the Planetary Society’s board chairman.

‘which is why we gave it a stupid name’

One Response to morning cartoons

  1. Revelation 23 says:

    Didn’t Apophis try sending an asteroid our way already?

    Oh, wait. That was in Stargate SG-1. My bad.

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