There’s no Clinton in baseball?

by lestro

As part of a promo set for their 2008 series of baseball cards, the Upper Deck card company has released a series of caricatures of the presidential candidates put into famous baseball settings from history.

But after an “informal focus group” rightfully complained about the card portraying Hillary Clinton as Morganna, the kissing bandit, the company thankfully pulled the card from packs.

And rightfully so. It is a bit distasteful.

Here’s the explanation linking the two from the back of the card:

“Hillary Rodham Clinton and Morganna Roberts, baseball’s infamous ‘Kissing Bandit,’ share a similar life strategy: go after what you want and get it!” the card reads. But unlike Roberts, who would dash onto ballfields and kiss players during games, it credits Clinton for generating headlines with “her reforms, initiatives and current bid for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination.”

The company plans to re-release in May a new Hillary card (as well as Huckabee, who didn’t expect to be called up to The Show this season), but is certainly backtracking just as pitchers and catchers are reporting for Spring Training.

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

“We wanted this set to be light and humorous and chronicle presidential history,” explained Terry Melia, Upper Deck’s public relations manager. “We married each candidate to a character or moment in baseball history.”

The cards (sprinkled through the regular baseball card set at a ratio of one per every eight packs) feature a caricature of each presidential candidate in a baseball role. Mitt Romney, for example, is seen as Carlton Fisk, waving his famous home run just past the foul pole in the 1975 World Series.

“The others were all male,” Melia said. “Hillary, being the only female in the lineup, we were reaching for comparisons to make.”

Well, they could’ve made her one of the professional women ballplayers honored in the movie, “A League of Their Own.”

Instead they made her Morganna, “The Kissing Bandit.”

For a look at the whole series of “Presidential Predictors” (Including a guest appearance by President Bush), but for some reason missing the Hillary card, click here…

2 Responses to There’s no Clinton in baseball?

  1. twitterpaters says:

    sexism? you’ve got to be kidding.

    I don’t buy it that comparing Hillary to a self-promoting, attention-grabbing, general fucker-upper of an American pastime is sexist.

    Just because they both happen to be women doesn’t make it so, at least from my perspective.

    If I didn’t find it so hard to look at those green shorts I’d want that card. I think it is perfect. I don’t see how sexism and women in general are related to the depiction of Hillary. Maybe if it was an unfair comparison it would be different but I’m just not buying it.

    And they couldn’t make her part of “A League of Their Own” if they wanted to avoid somebody somewhere getting ruffled. The female league was created b/c the men were all at war. Sounds pretty sexist to compare Hillary to a player who b/c of her gender can’t really play ball in the regular leagues, right? Wow, can girls not be president, too?

    There’s no winning on the issue if everything cheeky that is said about Hillary can be deemed sexist b/c she’s a girl and girls just can’t hack it.

    Fuck that. Show me something that contributes to a culture of violence and denigration, and I’ll probably get riled. But Hillary doesn’t get to claim that women are somehow threatened by this depiction. No, it’s just her campaign, and I’m tired of the idea that sexism is somehow to blame for her failure to convince the country that she is anything more than a divisive and partisan political figure.

  2. lestro says:

    “I don’t buy it that comparing Hillary to a self-promoting, attention-grabbing, general fucker-upper of an American pastime is sexist.”

    an excellent point i hadn’t considered…

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