Right To Life

by squishmael

I haven’t finished the process of breaking down all the issues yet. I admit to not giving the race for the presidency a lot of attention until the last month or so. But, you can count on one issue being on the top of my list when I line up the candidates side by side to compare their positions: how do they address the issue of the people’s right to life?

Now, you may already be writing me off as a Christian conservative, but, hold on. When I consider the right for each individual being to live, I’m not just talking about fetuses (which I do believe have that right), but, also about American citizens being forced to serve in Iraq, elderly people who can’t afford medication, hispanics who cross the border out of desperation, and blue collar workers who can’t afford proper medical care.

The worst thing somebody could do is claim that they are for protecting the lives of the unborn and vote for a candidate who says they also want to protect the unborn, but, then put hundreds or thousands of people in harm’s way for the sake of oil.

The fact that the American political system is flawed becomes apparent when you realize that bundled laws that aren’t even read by most lawmakers are being passed by the truckload and presidential candidates are burning millions of dollars just to make the point that they’re responsible enough to have the job of righting our economy, providing healthcare for people who can’t afford it, and feeding those whose cupboards are bare.

As Chris Cornell once sang so brilliantly several years ago, “The wreck is going down. Get out before you drown.”

3 Responses to Right To Life

  1. twitterpaters says:

    hmm. as an avidly pro-choice and generally anti-war kind of chick, i’m going to try to take a swing at this from my vantage point:

    ‘the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ is a fundamental part of the fabric of our democracy and American life in general. Everybody born onto American soil is supposed to be entitled to it.

    as far as abortion goes, i see the right of life as the province of the mother, b/c she is the one responsible for carrying the developing life inside her, and while that developing life is dependent on her, as far as I am concerned, it is her and she has the choice to decide whether that life will be born.

    as far as war goes, your post has made me think a bit about how when someone enlists in the military, they essentially give their life, and various rights over their life, to America. the military then gets to decide if they are going to risk a soldier’s life.

    I think the points you raise create an important lens to look at the current candidates through. Do they recognize the level of sacrifice given at the time of enlistment by our troops? will they disrespect this sacrifice by recklessly engaging in conflicts and threats of future conflicts, or will they honor the lives of our soldiers by only engaging in armed conflict as a last resort?

    I sometimes think that our planet is on the brink of moving beyond the need of non-humanitarian-based conflicts, but we also face huge resource deficits, exploding populations and various aspects of climate change over the coming decades. I don’t think we’ve begun to really feel the damage caused by the current Bush wars and I think we’ll have to deal with that for a long time. There is going to be war. I think we do need a leader who is acutely aware of the sacrifices made by our troops. That may be one of the critical restraints on our involvement in future conflicts, if we have a leader who believes that our military is not simply a means to an end, but composed of living human beings fundamentally entitled to life, and entitled to be placed in harm’s way only under the most necessary circumstances.

    Through this lens, Bush and company look like monstrous hypocrites. I didn’t think that McCain could get any scarier, with his historical anti-abortion and rabid pro-war stances, but thank you, your post has helped me see the fundamental contradiction as a symptom of the kind of leader that could destroy the bedrock principles of our country’s fundamental identity and Constitution.

  2. twitterpaters says:

    … and one might think that this kind of disrespect of life, as reported by the Army Times on Feb 12, 2008, might not happen under an administration committed to the priority of the protection of the American people:

    “Since 2001, the Air Force’s Air Combat Command has suffered 237 different “safety deficiencies” … while maintaining its nuclear stockpile, according to safety records.”

    “The highest number … occurred in 2006 with 63 incidents recorded, compared with 2002 and 2001, when only five and one respectively were listed.”


  3. lestro says:

    thank you for highlighting the ridiculousness and oxymoronic nature of the supposedly christian warmongers in charge.

    it always baffles me when people so proud of their supposedly christian faith completely ignore the whole “thou shalt not kill,” “turn the other cheek” and “love thy neighbor like thyself” things…

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