run for cover, american apparel

by twit

Or perhaps reconsider your advertising strategy if you happen to have stores in Virginia. From on Feb 3, 2008:

Police, saying they were responding to citizen complaints, carted away two large promotional photographs from the Abercrombie & Fitch store in Lynnhaven Mall on Saturday and cited the manager on obscenity charges.

The mural-like black-and-white photographs were taken from the store at midafternoon.

Bernstein confirmed that one depicts three shirtless young men from the back, walking through a field. The man in the lead appears to be about to pull up his jeans, which have slipped down enough to reveal his upper buttocks.

The same image is displayed on the Abercrombie Web site.

The other image is of a woman who is topless and whose “breast is displayed with her hand covering just the nipple portion,” Bernstein said. “You could still pretty much see the rest of the breast.”

The seizure was “prompted by several customer complaints, and the management of Abercrombie & Fitch was notified of those complaints,” Bernstein said.

thx drudge!

over at the Abercrombie site, I saw no topless women in their photo gallery, but I’d err on the side of caution and avert thine eyes, chitlins. I remember no clothes, and will for some time have to associate Abercrombie with exposed nipples, just not the female variety… luv the Playgirl-style shot, though.

wait a minute – at the left of the picture posted above – is that the nekkid chick?


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