the scarecrow says some people go both ways

by lestro

in the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy happens upon a fork in the road and wonders which way to go, the Scarecrow offers her some advice, twisting himself into knots pointing out Dorothy’s choices.

Elections are much like the yellow brick road, really, and it helps to have friends with you – especially the brainless, heartless or courage-less – it’s fraught with peril (including winged monkeys like Ann Coulter), and can make you want to just go to sleep and forget it all (like the poppies) so when you arrive at the end, it’s a bit disappointing to find out the giant floating heads are just people after all.

But like the Scarecrow’s first scene, it provides choices.  Today the most e-mailed photo on Yahoo is brilliant and is, potentially, a great metaphor for the Democratic primary that couldn’t help but remind me of the Scarecrow…

I’m just saying…

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