there was a primary today?

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via Wonkette, from the Orlando Sentinel on Jan 29, 2008:

On Florida Primary day, voters are reporting problems across Central Florida from Daytona Beach to Hunter’s Creek. Among the precincts experiencing glitches was one in Orange County where voters were told by poll workers early on there was no Democratic primary today.

… At least a dozen voters in Orange, Lake, Seminole and Osceola counties claimed they had problems receiving the correct ballots.

… In Volusia County, a voting discrepancy at one early voting location has been corrected, said Election Supervisor Ann McFall. Election officials noticed a four-vote discrepancy between the number of ballots signed for and the number of ballots cast at the Daytona Beach City Island early voting site. The vote count came up one vote shy on Jan. 23 and three votes shy on Jan. 26, McFall said. The county’s elections canvassing board decided Tuesday to re-feed the ballots from the City Island location. The process turned up the four lost ballots. “Apparently the machine failed to count the four votes the first time,” McFall said. The glitch shouldn’t be cause for concern, she said.

“We had the paper ballots to do the repeat,” she said. “Three other voting precincts got it perfectly and 10 out of 12 days got it perfectly in Daytona. Our internal system caught it.”

oh. that’s nice to hear. I’m having a hard time keeping track, but is the current score Machines 1, Humans 0?


4 Responses to there was a primary today?

  1. Anonymous says:

    So what do you get when a Mormon, a senior citizen, a woman and a Black walk on stage? The new face of American leadership.

    People, we are witnessing history!

    No matter what the next President of the United States wil be:
    The Oldest person ever elected
    The First Mormon ever elected
    The First Woman ever elected
    The First person of color ever elected


    The South has to be going nuts!

  2. humboldtsquid says:

    I love it when a plan comes together: Rudy is OUT!

    Whoever told Rudy that he should run a “one state” Presidential campaign is a mormon.

  3. humboldtsquid says:

    That last comment had a typo: mormon should be moron. I’d hate to offend any harems in Utah.

  4. twitterpaters says:

    and i thought you were being cheeky, squid…

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