by lestro

there’s a video posted on cnn.com about a new vending machine in california that dispenses medical marijuana at the herbal nutrition center, a prescription pot shop. it’s worth watching for the puns alone.

we can go round and round about the value of marijuana as medicine or the legitimacy of claims of need and treatment or even the base idea that we’ve made a plant illegal in the first place, but i can’t help but think claims of medicinal value would be much more credible if they didn’t decorate their shop with a giant 2-pac poster.

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morning cartoons

by twit

From Lisa Nova:

From the Caucus on Jan 25, 2008:

She said she didn’t want to say anything negative about Mrs. Clinton because “I’m crazy about her,” but her Republican friends “just go ballistic” over her. “How is she going to heal this red-state-blue-state, black-white thing that’s going on in this country?” she asked. “The last eight years have just been horrible.”

From Jezebel on Jan 24, 2008:

… the new 527 organization founded by veteran Republican strategist Roger Stone to “educate the American Public about what Hillary Clinton really is.” Here’s that name again. Citizens United Not Timid.

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