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the rich people will be saved! they won’t know how to do anything without poor people and will quickly die off on their new homeworld, but it will be one hell of a trip…


via drudge and The Evening Standard Jan 23, 2008.

The Virgin Galactic spacecraft, which was being unveiled in New York today, is already under construction. Test flights are expected to begin in June, with commercial flights starting 12 months later.

UPDATE: A competing spacecraft design, via the BBC on Jan 24, 2008:

2 Responses to huzzah

  1. lestro says:

    are you making fun of the scientologists?
    because i am all for that.

  2. skylark says:

    Which rich? The guy who hands-on built what we blog on today? The ones who laid track across the country? Nah, you’re right, it’s probably just Tom. Here’s hoping they’re all out of peanuts.

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