Perhaps Hillary Clinton Should Shut the Fuck Up

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by lestro

I don’t usually agree with much Novak says, but he is not wrong here:

Before Tuesday night’s Democratic debate in Las Vegas, both campaigns declared an end to the “race debate” over whether Martin Luther King Jr. or Lyndon B. Johnson was more responsible for civil rights legislation. But the fight really was about the Clintons resenting an obstacle on their return to the White House. A prominent Democrat who saw the former president this week described him as “furious, outraged, angry and utterly dismissive of Obama.”

That anger was reflected in Hillary Clinton’s performance on NBC‘s “Meet the Press” last Sunday, when she said, “When Senator Obama’s chief strategist accuses me of playing a role in Benazir Bhutto‘s assassination, there’s silence [from Obama].”

Actually, David Axelrod never made such an accusation. He said the death of the former Pakistani prime minister will “call into issue the judgment” of “taking the eye off the ball and making the wrong judgment in going into Iraq.” Perhaps Hillary Clinton’s comments should be vetted.

twit says:

yeah, but a three year old child could also draw the conclusion perhaps Hillary Clinton’s comments should be vetted.

had Novak said, “Perhaps Hillary Clinton should shut the fuck up, ” then, it might be something worth agreeing with.



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