Maybe Bubba’s just, uh, tense…

by lestro

The New York Times is reporting today that while out on the stump for his wife, Bill Clinton is “simmering” and appears to be having trouble keeping controlling of his notorious temper:

“Mr. Clinton’s temper has been an issue for him as long as he has been in public life. But it has played an unusual role during the current campaign, his face turning red in public nearly every week, often making headlines as he defends his wife and injects himself, whether or not intentionally, into her race in sometimes distracting ways.

Some Clinton advisers say the campaign is trying to rein him in somewhat, so that his outbursts become less of a factor to reporters, but his flashes of anger only seem to be growing.”

I don’t pretend to have any insider knowledge or anything, but maybe the problem is that with all the extra focus of reporters now that he is back on the road, Bubba can’t get away for a piece of tail now and again and he is starting to get a little backed up.

And I think we can all relate to that…

In an unrelated note, yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the drudge report item saying Newsweek had killed a story about the president having an affair with un-named intern…

by twit

UPDATE: It looks like this famous Bubba temper, it actually doesn’t have to exist to get reported on as being a temper, but anyways, via, here’s a clip entitled BILL CLINTON: Lashes Out at Reporter over Vegas Caucus Lawsuit.


One Response to Maybe Bubba’s just, uh, tense…

  1. humboldtsquid says:

    When is Hillary going to realize that the more pundits talk about what Bill is saying and doing, the less they are talking about what she is saying and what is planning? Hillary needs to says to Bill, “Remember in the 90’s when you embarrassed be around the world with your penile escapades and all I did was grin and bear it while smiling and waving? Well now is your time to smile and wave. Just relax, you’ll only feel a little pressure, then it will be over.”

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